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Wonder, what your travel might look like?

See for yourself ... Here you can see, how much our customers enjoy their stays. They have recorded some of the most interesting moments of their journeys for you. And sometimes they even share their most exciting moments live with you on this channel: http://www.kyte.tv/ch/279625-thatchandsons

Please keep in mind: In some regions of the world it may occour that our customers cannot go live with their recordings. In that case they are able to record it although and to produce it later. We are sorry about this, but it is definitely not in our hands.

stream live

Share your best moments with us, by streaming them to the internet. The handy you were handed out is all set up for that.

record & stream later

If you travel to a region where it seems impossible to stream to the internet, you can use the kyte software to record your moments and share them later.

send photos

In between you can try to share and upload some photos with the kyte software. Thank you for sharing and have a nice stay!